zak & zara: the monster murder mysterY
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- Written by: Samir Asran Rahman
Genre: young-adult fantasy novel

When siblings Zak and Zara, aged 10 and 8 respectively, break into a haunted house, they are shocked to find it inhabited by a bunch of monsters, who are on edge after receiving anonymous death threats. The situation turns grave when the “things that go bump in the night” start getting bumped off one by one, even in broad daylight. Will Zak’s detective skills, culled from a diet of watching horror movies and reading pulp novels, help him unravel the mystery before the monsters meet their makers? Find out in the pages of this dark, funny and often gross fantasy adventure.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Samir Asran Rahman is the Chief Creative Officer of Mighty Punch Studios—a Bangladesh-based production studio that specializes in eye-popping illustrations, comic books and animation. He is the writer and creator of the ongoing comic book series: Shabash, Ms. Shabash, Lathial and The Legend of Zooey. He has also directed animated content for Sesame Street and numerous brands. His short stories have been published in local literary magazines and in the print anthology What the Ink? 
Zak & Zara: The Monster Murder Mystery is his first novella in a planned series which chronicles the adventures of two siblings who fall headlong into various fantastical situations via acts of genie.

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was published in November 2017
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