Library of Bangladesh Presents Imdadul Haq Milan: Two Novellas
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Written by: Imdadul Haq Milan
Translator: Saugata Ghosh
In these two novellas, Imdadul Haq Milan reveals the trials and tribulations of the immigrant experience. He portrays, in vivid detail, the daily struggles of his two protagonists, Bangladeshi men who have travelled to Germany in search of a better life. Milan draws upon his own experiences to bring to life their feelings of helplessness and futility and their constant longing for the familiar.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Imdadul Haq Milan was born in 1955 in Bikrampur, Bangladesh. He wrote his first story, "Bondhu," in 1973, and published his first novel, Jabojjibon, in 1976. Milan completed his graduation in 1979 with a degree in Economics, after which he travelled to Germany. He wrote Poradhinota upon his return in 1981. A prolific writer, Milan has authored over 150 plays and 200 stories in a variety of genres. His long, three-episode novel, Noorjahan, which took 18 years to complete, is widely regarded as a classic. His works have played an important role in promoting a culture of reading amongst Bangladeshi youth. Milan has received numerous awards for his contribution to literature, including the prestigious Bangla Academy Shahitya Puroshkar and the IIPM—Surma Chowdhury Memorial Award, India's biggest literary award. He is currently the editor of the Bangladeshi daily Kaler Kantho.

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was published in November 2018
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